Seeding Policy

Seeding Policy

Seeding for ESF 2017 will be based upon official Sports & Active Living sports tournaments.

Teams must have appeared in at least one of the last five tournaments listed below to be eligible for seeding at ESF 2017:

  • Jubilee Cup 2016
  • Summer Sizzler 2016
  • Spring Into Sports 2016
  • Disco Dodgeball 2016 (13-17 age)
  • ESF 2014

Teams will not be seeded for new sports or new categories within a sport.

In team sports, seeding is assigned to a team name not individuals. Changing team names will invalidate seeding. Seeding will be determined based upon the following points system.

Team Sports

For each team sport, the minimum number of players outlined in the below table must have played in the given team at any time in the aforementioned tournaments to have the right to use the team name and be seeded. Team sheets for ESF 2017 will be checked against previous team sheet.

Sport Number of Players
6 and 7-a-side Football 4
Basketball 2
Dodgeball 4
Indoor Cricket 5
International Volleyball 4
Netball & Mixed Netball 4
Traditional Volleyball 5

For Men’s and Over 35 Men’s Football which is now 7-aside, at least 4 players would have had to have played to register for seeding. Seeding points obtained from 6-aside tournaments will be carried over to the 7-aside tournament being played at ESF 2017.



There will be no seeding for this tournament, however the tournament will follow both Stableford and Stroke play rules for those eligible. Full details can be found within the Sports Rules document.



Winner 5
Runner Up 4
Third Place 3
Fourth Place 2
Quarter Final 1


All Other Sports

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

Position Points
Winner 4
Runner Up 3
Third Place 2
Fourth Place 1


For all paired and single sports, seeding points are awarded to each individual. Each pair’s individual points will be totalled to give a sum seeding score. This is to accommodate pair changes in these sports.


In the Event of a tie for seeding points

In the event teams accrue the same total number points, the team that received more points in the most recent tournament will be determined to have the higher seeding of the teams tied for seeding points.