Jamati Representatives

Jamati Representatives

For those travelling from Europe who require assistance or further information, please find below a list of EJC representatives who will be on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

Alternatively you can also contact the Europe team by emailing europe@esf2017.org

European Jamat Representatives


Country City / Town Representative
Germany & Austria Maryam Qurbani (Board Member Responsible)
Germany Essen Efat Qurbani
Frankfurt Samira Adel
Hamburg Yasamin Nadir Ali / Romina Nadir Ali
Munich Shoaid Khan
Berin Hazar Kasser / Nowroz Akif
Austria Vienna Ebrahim Samadi
Scandinavian Countries Kumeil Cheval (Board Member Responsible)
Denmark Kumeil Cheval
Norway Qalander Malang
Sweden Shabbir Damani
The Netherlands Altaf Samnani
Ireland Afzal Abjani and Mohamed Ali Boricha
Italy Waqas Safri
Portugal Riaz Ali Afzal
France & Luxembourg Shayan Remtoulah